Systema Classes

We will now be hosting monthly two-hour Systema workshops one Saturday afternoon each month.  The workshops will be taught by either Dave Reeman or Jason Swanson.  Please check the monthly schedule for workshop dates and times.

Systema classes at Pittsburgh Kettlebells are appropriate for any experience level.  Our aim is to create an environment of learning and discovery that is safe, sane, practical, and fun.  We value and respect an open mind.

Our classes are divided into slow or soft work or drills where each participant works with a partner at slow speed in order to discover and explore the principles that are at work.  After a certain level of fluency is achieved, we then move into fast work in which the skills we have previously worked on are tested at speed with the use of proper safety equipment.

To see our class schedule, check out the Schedule page.

Systema classes are a separate fee and not included in the monthly pass.