We offer a variety of class types, which collectively target all fitness goals in order to give you a well-rounded fitness package. Our classes are designed to create a motivating and positive environment in order to foster your long-term success. Form new friendships and have fun while accomplishing your goals. In order to ensure safety and that everyone receives the necessary amount of individual attention, our class sizes are limited to 10 people. Classes are $15 each.

New clients must attend an introductory Kettlebell Basics class before joining any of the other kettlebells classes.  Please contact us to schedule your introductory Kettlebell Basics class.

Private Sessions

Our personal training sessions differ greatly from those at a typical gym. We assess your current movement patterns and improve upon them by utilizing the appropriate exercises for the individual. We TEACH you how to become stronger and more mobile, allowing you to accomplish your goals as safely and quickly as possible. We do NOT believe that standing next to you counting to 10 while you are on a machine is personal training. $75 per session.

Nutrition Coaching

Precision Nutrition was developed by Dr. John Berardi based on the most current research available. The goal of the program is to teach you sustainable nutrition habits based on your needs, lifestyle, schedule and family life, etc. It is NOT a short-term diet plan. The program consists of eight one-on-one sessions over the course of approximately 10-12 weeks. We will even help you assess and improve your kitchen as well as accompany you on a grocery shopping trip if necessary!

We require clients to see their doctor for routine bloodwork prior to starting the program if they have not done so recently. This will rule out any medical issues that may need to be addressed by your health care practitioner. We do not treat medical conditions with our nutrition program; however, we will work in conjunction with your health care practitioner to ensure you achieve the best results possible as healthfully as possible.  

Please contact us to schedule your initial assessments and to get started on your own nutrition and/or fat loss goals. For more information about Precision Nutrition, please visit 

Here is an article by Dr. John Berardi that really explains it all

Functional Movement Screen

For more information on the Functional Movement Screen, visit

Pre/Post-Rehabilitative Care

Using corrective drills, restorative exercises, and more, our experienced staff will work in conjunction with your doctor and/or physical therapist in order to enhance your recovery or prepare for surgery so that you can get back to being independent and doing the things you love faster. We have experience with joint replacements and rotator cuff injuries just to name a few.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Our staff utilizes their experience having coached athletes as high as the NCAA Division-I level of competition in order to:

  • Increase strength and power output
  • Increase speed
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Decrease fat mass
  • Decrease likelihood of injury

Athletes have the option of training privately or as a team. Contact us for details.


Kerry is also certified in Reflexology, and offers 60 minute private sessions. Visit our Reflexology page for more information.