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Quality Food Products and Sources:

Dale's Raw Foods: excellent quality bars and protein drinks.  NO soy, gluten, preservatives or yucky stuff of any kind!

Cracked Nut Butter: We offer Cracked Nut Butter at Pittsburgh Kettlebells for $13 per jar.

Megan and Paul Potts developed Cracked Nut Butter for their clients, who were on a health journey to kick their sugar habits, build lean muscle and lose unwanted fat. From personal experience they understood the need for a sweet, but satisfying snack during the day that was made from high quality ingredients, with multiple health benefits, without compromising the pledge to quit the sugar habit that was sabotaging so many. The result was a dynamite concoction that appeals to children, families, professional athletes, competitive body builders, health practitioners, Paleo, Primal, low carb nutrition enthusiasts and those looking to switch off peanut butter. All the varieties taste like a cookie or delectable dessert, without the guilt. The formulas are a good source of protein, low carbohydrate, sweetened only with 100% whey isolate with honey, have digestive enzymes, amylase, lipase, protease and lactase to promote digestive health and assist recovery, and we never compromise our ingredients or packaging at the expense of our client’s health. Cracked Nut Butter’s products are made from premium ingredients, handpicked by our founders and certified nutrition staff.