The Pittsburgh Kettlebells Mission and Philosophy

Pittsburgh Kettlebells is a results-based facility. As such, we differ substantially from your typical gym. You will find no treadmills, ellipticals, weight-stack circuit machines, TVs or other ineffective methods. In addition to kettlebells, we also utilize free-weight exercises, bodyweight calisthenics, suspension training and resistance bands in our facility based on the needs and goals of the individual. Our small class size and atmosphere are intended to be a welcome training environment for anyone from the novice exerciser to the serious athlete. We encourage you to stop spending your time and start investing in it!  

Pittsburgh Kettlebells is proud to be the first and only training studio in the Pittsburgh area providing solely instructors with the gold standard SFG and/or RKC certifications. The RKC was the very first kettlebell certification program, developed in 2001 by former Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) instructor Pavel Tsatsouline. This grueling certification has approximately a 25-30% failure rate. Therefore, you can be sure that your instructors at Pittsburgh Kettlebells have proven their ability to both perform and teach safe and effective kettlebell exercises. For more information about kettlebells, please visit Dragon Door or StrongFirst

Pittsburgh Kettlebells addresses the quality of your movements by implementing the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). The FMS is a brief, seven-part assessment that will uncover any physical imbalances, limitations and/or asymmetries in order to fully unlock your performance potential, or to simply remove the daily aches and pains which you may have resigned to just being part of life. The FMS is widely utilized throughout the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, United States Miltary, and United States Secret Service. For more information on the FMS, please visit